Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The 26th Issue of SHAMPOO

In its honor and yours, the 26th issue of SHAMPOO is now ready for your lovely eyes at...

...where you will behold the lush stylings of such starry stars as Andrew Slattery, Caleb Puckett, Cassie Lewis, Curt Anderson, David Baratier, Diana Magallon, Eleanor Johnson, Elizabeth Treadwell, Graham Foust, Heather Brinkman, Jamine Ergas, Jon Leon, Jose Luis Peixoto, Josef Kaplan, Kevin Griffith, Kirby Wright, Kristen Yawitz, Landis Everson, Leigh Phillips, Lily Logan Brown, Lisa Radon, Mark Pawlak, Mark Young, Meg Hamill, Melanie Hubbard, Michael Sikkema, Michelle Greenblatt, Peter Davis, Rob Stanton, Rositza Pironska, Ruth Lepson, Sandy Florian, Sara Adams, Sara Wintz, Sarah Mangold, Shane Allison, Stephen Ratcliffe, Sue Carnahan, Teresa K. Miller, Tiffany Noonan, Tim Shanerand Victor Camilloalong with shamtastic SHAMPOOart by Tiffany Noonon

Please also stay tuned for new & improved SHAMPOO. Can it be true?


Del Ray Cross, Editor
clean hair / good poetry