Sunday, October 01, 2006

NEW ARRIVALS: CutBank 66: Prose & CutBank 63/64

We are pleased to announce the simultaneous arrival of two issues of CutBank Literary Magazine: CutBank 66: Prose and CutBank 63/64, from the University of Montana, here in Missoula.

CutBank 66: Prose, edited by Sarah Aswell and Elisabeth Benjamin, features

the fiction of Steve Almond, Jenny Dunning, Josh Emmons, W. Tsung-Yan Kwong, Shena McAuliffe, VIncent Precht, Joe B. Sills, and Kellie Wells; the nonfiction of William J. Cobb; an interview with Jim Shephard; and portraits by Joel Sager

CutBank 63/64, long-belated, and originally scheduled for a Summer 2005 release, features

the poetry of Carl Adamshick, Britta Ameel, Adam Clay, Lisa Fishman, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Erika Howsare & Jen Tynes, Quinn Latimer, Mark Levine, Cate Marvin, Orlando Richardo Menes, Jonathan Minton, Sawako Nakayasu, Kathleen Peirce, and Zachary Schomburg; the prose of Donald Anderson, Jacob Appel, Michael FitzGerald, and Matthew Scott Healey; interviews with Diana Abu-Jaber and Emily Wilson; and artwork by Eben Goff

Copies are available for USD $10.00, or both for USD $18.00. Checks can be made payable to “CutBank” and sent to: CutBank, Attn: Orders, Department of English, University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812.

Copies of CutBank Poetry 65 are still available. Please follow the link to the right for additional info.

For more information, please email

Thanks very much. We hope you will all have a look.


The Editors
CutBank Literary Magazine
Missoula, Montana